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To file a grievance or contribute to the Political Action Fund, you may need to submit a form. These forms are listed on the left. Simply click on the name of the form you want. Follow the instructions on the form, and send the completed form to the contact listed. Additional forms, such as, an Enrollment/Change form, or a Request for Pension Estimate form, are available in the Forms section of the Benefit and Pension Funds website. To go there now, click on this link.

Note: To access this information you’ll need Adobe Acrobat. To find out if you have Adobe Acrobat, click the "Start" button, then click on "Programs." If you don’t see "Adobe Acrobat," click here to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Dues Check-Off Form
A "Dues Check-Off Form" enables the union to start removing dues from your pay check so that you can become a member in good standing. You can find that form here - Check - Off Form
AFSCME PEOPLE is for political action on an international level. Being in a Union means that there are a lot of "people" (corporations) who have a special interest in creating legislation that allows them to operate at a cheaper cost at the workers expense and sometimes safety. The PEOPLE Fund is to help us fight such political advancements and allows us to lobby for political policies that favor our members. You can get the AFSCME PEOPLE MVP Membership form here - AFSCME MVP Form
AFSCME MLK Memorial Campaign Denoation Form
Help Build the Dream! We need to remember our history and learn from it. Please contribute so that we my continue the fight to see Dr. King's dream come true! You can find the form here - MLK Campaign Form
Grievance Report
This is a Grievance Report! Fill this out so that the Union can take the necessary steps to represent you! Get the Grievance Report here - Grievance Report
Grievance From
This is a Grievance Form! Fill this out so that the Union can take the necessary steps to represent you! Get the Grievance form here - Grievance From
Political Action Fund Pledge Card
1199C's PAC fund is for political action on a more local level. Being able to be a player in decideing who gets elected allows the Union to negotiate new contracts from a position of strength as well as pushing local legislation that benefits our members. Get the Political Pledge Card here - Poltical Pledge Card