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A Statement by Chris Woods on the Killing of Walter Wallace, Jr.

Yesterday, officers from Philadelphia Police Department shot and killed a 27-year old Black man named Walter Wallace, Jr., in West Philadelphia. Below is a statement on the incident from the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees, District 1199C. The statement can be attributed to Chris Woods, President of District 1199C:

“Like many Philadelphians, we have seen the video posted on social media of Walter Wallace, Jr., being shot multiple times by two Philadelphia Police Officers. The images, shot by a bystander from a cell phone, are deeply troubling. Clearly, the video raises many questions that must be answered by local authorities.

“District 1199C demands a full and transparent investigation into what occurred, including criminal charges against the officers if warranted. We urge authorities to act swiftly or face the further erosion of the public’s trust in law enforcement.

“Moving beyond this specific incident, District 1199C stands with all Philadelphians who are sick and tired of Black people being mistreated by the local police. We are grateful for the tens of thousands of people who filled the streets over the past year in powerful protests for racial justice. We were proud to march alongside many others. It should be clear: District 1199C strongly supports the #BlackLivesMatter movement and will do everything in our power to help it succeed.

“Finally, we call on all Philadelphians to engage in peaceful protests in response to this shooting and other forms of injustice. Together, we can make our voices heard and ensure that everyone can participate in these important actions on behalf of social change.”

District 1199C is an affiliate of the National Union of Hospital and Healthcare Employees, representing more than 15,000 individuals in major healthcare institutions around the Philadelphia region.

Chris Woods
President , National Union of Hospital & Health Care Employees, District 1199C, AFSCME, AFL-CIO