District 1199C Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & VicinityBenefit & Pension Funds of Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & Vicinity

Union Dues Schedule

District 1199C Union Dues Schedule

up to $1,089.00/month
between $1,089.00/month and $2,317.00/month

DUES (Monthly)
$25.10/month (minimum dues)
2.15% of actual base wages


If you earn:Your monthly dues are:
over $2,317/month$51.50/month (maximum dues)

* The $1.70 international dues has already been calculated in the dues schedule.

Note: AFSCME reserves the right to increase its dues yearly based on contract wage gains in the total international average population.

If you have questions about your union dues that this page did not answer, call the NUHHCE Dues Department at 215-735-1300 and ask for Lynne Love.