District 1199C Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & VicinityBenefit & Pension Funds of Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & Vicinity

Front Desk Receptionist

At District 1199C, we are looking for a pleasant Front Desk Representative to undertake all receptionist and clerical duties at the desk at our main entrance. You will be the “face” of the organization for all visitors as they enter the building.

The ideal candidate will have a friendly and easy-going personality while also being  very perceptive and disciplined. You should be able to deal with complaints and give accurate information. A customer-oriented approach is essential.

The goal is to make guests and visitors feel comfortable and valued while on our premises.

Last date to Apply: October 6, 2023
Please submit your resume and cover letter to Elyse Ford – elysef@1199cnuhhce.org

Front Desk Job Posting