District 1199C Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & VicinityBenefit & Pension Funds of Hospital & Health Care Employees, Philadelphia & Vicinity

Union Dues

The Lifeblood of the Union

We are a strong and vibrant union—a force to be reckoned with in the Greater Philadelphia area. To remain strong and continue our mission to bring hope to health care workers everywhere, we need money. One of the ways we raise money is through the collection of union dues and initiation fees.

The monthly dues you pay finance the operation of the District, including:

  • the upkeep of our headquarters (Philadelphia and Southern NJ)
  • the grievance and arbitration process,
  • legal counsel,
  • consultation fees,
  • contract negotiations,
  • recruiting new members to strengthen the union, and
  • the salaries and benefits of the District staff who serve you, our membership

You should know that union dues do not pay for the benefits you receive through the Benefit Fund, nor do they pay for any benefits you may be eligible to receive through the Pension Fund. Benefit Fund and Pension benefits are funded through contributions from participating employers according to the terms of the collective bargaining agreement in place for that location.

For more information about Benefit and Pension Fund Benefits, please visit the Benefit And Pension Fund Website (https://1199cfunds.org/).

How Dues Are Calculated



Multiply the base hourly rate times the base number of hours and multiply that by the of week or pay periods. Divide the result by 12 months to determine the monthly salary. Then multiply the monthly salary by (2.15%) Plus an additional flat fee of $3.90 to determine the regular monthly dues payment.

Example Weekly Pay (Full time)

$14.00 per hour X 40 hours per week = $560.00 per week

$560 X 52 weeks = $29,120.00 per year

$29,120.00 / 12 months = $2,426.66 per month

$2,426.66 X .0215 = $52.17 per month

$52.17 + $3.90 flat fee = $56.07 per month (calculated)

Minimum dues = $23.40 + $3.90 = $27.30 per month
Maximum dues** = $49.80 + $3.90 = $53.70 per month

Union dues is capped at $53.70, therefore
You would pay $53.70 per month


Part time employees pay Union Dues based on the actual number of hours worked for the month being reported. Multiply the actual number of hours worked times the hourly rate and multiply the result by (2.15%), then add an additional $3.90 to determine the monthly dues payment.

Example Weekly Pay (Part time)

$14.00 per hour X 48 hours this month = $672.00 this week

$672.00 X .0215 = $14.45 this month

$14.45 + $3.90 flat fee = $18.35 this month (calculated)

Minimum dues = $23.40 + $3.90 = $27.30 per month
Maximum due = $49.80 + $3.90 = $53.70 per month

Minimum union dues is $27.30, therefore
You would pay $27.30 this month

Initiation Fees
All new members, except newly organized members are required to pay a one-time $50 initiation fee.

Newly Organized Members
As a new member, you are not required to pay dues until a contract has been negotiated and you have voted to accept that contract. In addition, if you have joined 1199C through new organization, you are not required to pay the new member one-time initiation fee of $50.

If you have questions about your union dues that this page did not answer, call then NUHHCE Dues Department at 215-735-1300 and ask for Union Dues Department.