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Political Action Fund (PAC)

Political Action—Protection For Your Future

The 1199C Political Action Fund is known as a Political Action Committee or PAC. PACs, such as the 1199C Political Action Fund, are financed through separate member contributions as well as proceeds from certain social affairs sponsored by the Union.

When there’s an election, the Political Action Fund looks at all the candidates and then makes contributions to the election campaigns of candidates for public office who exemplify the best in public service and who have proven themselves most responsive to the needs of our community.

You should know it’s against the law for a labor union to take money from your paycheck for contributions to a federal PAC or for the federal PAC to accept such contributions without your written authorization, so if you wish to contribute to the District 1199C Political Action Fund, you will need to complete a Political Action Fund Pledge and Authorization Card (available under Forms on this website) or at the District office.

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